Technology Consulting

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–  We offer technology consulting services in Information Systems to help our clients buy, build, and integrate software applications that produce better business results

Mobile Apps Development

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– MetaSolutions specializes in research, advice and solutions to optimize user experiences over the phone.

– Our team develops native and cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Web System Development

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-We conduct thorough research, understand the mission and vision of your company from which we orient our website, helping you choose the right functions, techniques and languages to ensure that your website provides the best experience on all devices on time and within budget

Solutions TTD Loyalty

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– We make it easy for our customers to access their loyalty accounts and collect points while they shop using our exclusive offers and coupons.

-This enables the operator to collect more robust data about the customers and their shopping habits

– Get customers to participate, engage, and share in your brand community..

Purchasing system

Computerize whole workflows of purchasing process

Reduce a lot of manual tasks and documents

Reduce administration cost and time for waiting process

Started easily

Support access to system by smart tools (computer, laptop and tablet, smart phone) as web-based system

User interface is simple and friendly to use


Purchasing system easily to interface with other ERP systems

TTD Loyalty

TTD Loyalty App is the most optimal and effective solution in customer care through mobile applications.

Running on iOS and Android platforms, the App assists businesses in interacting directly with their loyal customers.

Type: Mobile App, Web-based System

Language: iOS, Android, PHP

OS: Mac, Windows


MEGAsale is a web-based ecommerce solution which is built to support sellers on Tiki. This solution leverages on IT to help seller manage their shop with less effort, optimize price and promotion campaign automatically even when seller is not around.

Type: Web-based System

Language: Python, Django

App server: Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn


  • VAFIS is advance biometrics identification system using Fingerprint, Latentprint and Facial
  • AFIS is a Platform for Growth:
  • SOA, COTS Platform, and Interoperability
  • Flexibility to Add Additional Modalities and Services
  • Virtualized Platform – Enhanced Scalability & Reliability
  • Latest NIST Field Proven Algorithms and Fusion Capability
  • Active-Active Disaster Recovery Site Operation
  • Parallel Operation During Migration, and Transition of Current AFIS Data

Type: Windows 10 Application, Web Application

Language: .Net, WPF, WCF, Java J2EE, C++, Rabbit MQ, Jasper Report, BPM